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Benin City Issues - Not In Full Agreement

by Samson
(New York, U.S.A)

I am not in full agreement. There are still many famillies in the ancient kingdom who are profoundedly moral and respect the law of nature and that of man.

Some of the famillies send their children for those immoral acts, others did not. All the Nigeria women that I ran into mostly in Europe were not from edo. They were from all over Nigeria.

You mentioned about some people washing dishes for a living! I do not really care as long as it's a honest living and not immoral.

In those countries, a dish worker can earn $10.00 per hr. That is what, sometimes an executive makes in a week in Nigeria, if am right.

Nigeria has lots of money, why are so many people
unemployed? why are there no unemployment insurance in place by the government.

My friend was out of work last Dec. 08, here in New York, he was being paid $432.00 every week which is paid as per percentage of his income for a period of twenty-four weeks before securing another job.

Additionally, what about those Nigerians that are being killed in far east "Asia" for drug smugling! They are mostly from the eastern Nigeria!

I'm a Bini, I know that the Edo can do better, so, Nigeria can do better and needs to take good care of the people.

Public safety in the country is in mess.

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