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Beautification Of Lagos - Demolition of Illegal Structures

by Balogun

Lagos Nigeria is beautiful in certain respect. It is a commercial centre where your commercial and profit dreams can come true. It is a mega city where opportunities abound and where smart folks make crazy amount of money.

Need FREE money? Then come to Lagos Nigeria. Here, money virtually grow on trees.

However, it is ugly in some other respect. For example in terms of cleanness, garbage disposal, traffic jams, electricity failure, utilities failure etc.

The state government is taking a bold step to tackle the problems. One of the steps is to beautify Lagos.

The Lagos state government is approaching this from several fronts.

1. Re-designing roundabouts

2. Expanding narrow roads and intersections

3. Installation of street lights

4. Demolition of 'illegal' trading structures

5. Condemnation of street trading

. . . and more.

The concept is good, even commendable. Illegal structures should not be allowed to adorn our streets and spoil the beauty of Lagos.

However, those structures labelled as illegal are the mushroom trading post of the many poor of Lagos state . . . folks who left their villages without basic amenities in search of the good life in Lagos. People who came searching for gold in Lagos but who, instead, were hit by poverty and are living on the edge of society.

The government has demolished many such trading structures without providing an alternative means of livelihood.

The government has not provided a social welfare system these people can fall back on while searching for a means of livelihood. Yet the little they had were heartlessly destroyed.

This is my candid advice . . . Make Lagos beautiful but take it one thing at a time. Handle the beautification project with a touch of kindness, goodness, and godliness.

These folks are Nigerians. They are poor. They are helpless. They are searching for a means of survival.

Help them. Be considerate toward them.

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Thank you FOR YOU GOOD WORK IN LAGOS STATE, more grace to your elbow.For you to be a good Nigeria and Lagosian in particular you must not be kind or godliness especially when it come to doing your duty, because it is the same people will still criticise you at the end, that we voted you in and you have done nothing.
Even if we have 3 building in lagos, let it be clean, good road,well lighting,well space etc, like Manchester or even scotland here.
Sir, please help us to open mile2 to agbara road because, the crime rate in the area is much.Most atime i watch lagos news, make calls,listen to talks about home, all center on badagry road, that is why i give you 30% because your promises to that area of lagos is over due.

Unlawful Act of building demolition in lagos (MAGODO GRA.)
by: Anonymous

It is now some people's duties to use the name of the state Gov. to do illegal work to the extent that they came on saturday 30th Aug. 2008 to demolish some buildings in magodo GRA ketu lagos.

Demolition without any notice. Is this the way we want to move our country forward?

I bet it with you that if we dont see to this illegal Act which is not official, we can never move forward.

I Have never seen a demolition without any notice of either 24hrs or 48hrs to pack your things before demolishing the building.

Gov. Babatunde Raji Fashola should please see to this matter and he's the only one that can put light to this matter.

None of the officials from ministry of lands was there with them. They were just full of mobile police fully armed with Surphisticated Weapons.

location: ojo oniyun close off jaiye oyedotun str. by magodo gra main gate at the back of Deit-plus


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