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Bathroom wall tile Lagos Nigeria - Bathroom tiling is a subject that has generated a lot of questions from readers of this site. Questions are asked about bathroom wall tile, bathroom floor tile, and bathroom tiling generally.

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The sections on bathroom flooring and bathroom tiles provide some insight to help you make the right choices.

In this section we will take a quick look at wall tiles, how they defer from floor tiles, and what choices you have to make.

An essential difference between wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles is the fact that bathroom floor tiles require friction pads to minimize the risk of
slippage when people take their bath in the bathroom.

In the bathroom, people taking their bath actually stand on the floor tiles. Hence, the necessity for friction grooves on floor tiles to allow for the
human feet to grip against the grooves on the tiles during bathing.

In contrast, people don't stand on the bathroom wall tile. Hence, the bathroom wall tile requirements does not include the necessity for grooves.

That does not mean that tiles with groove designs cannot be used. It is simply not mandatory to do so as there is no safety or slippage risk associated with wall tiles.

So, what are the design requirements for wall tiles?

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The design parameters that are important when it comes to wall tiles are:

  • aesthetics
  • colour and
  • price

Aesthetics and colour look like they are one and the same parameter but not necessarily.

Aesthetics has to do with the pattern of arrangement of the wall tiles whereas colour refers to the colour of the individual tiles.

With respect to aesthetics, you can use the same colour throughout on your bathroom walls or you can create an exciting pattern with tiles of different
colours on the walls of the bathroom.

As they say, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So, create the beauty that pleases your eyes and your senses with different tile patterns.

Alternatively, you can keep it simple by using the same tile all through. But believe me, that can be boring.

Bathroom tiling should be well chosen and should be as per the purpose of the tile.

As mentioned above, floor tiles should have the right grooves to allow for friction and grip. On the other hand, wall tiles should appeal to the eyes and the senses.

I particularly like smooth tiles for use as bathroom wall tile.

The reason is simple.

During bathing, people tend to move their hands back and forth and, sometimes, vigorously especially during the rinsing phase of bathing. As they do so, they splash soap water on the walls.

The soap water mix with the body stains in the water to deposit dirt on the walls. This dirt combined with dust end up making the bathroom walls dirty.

When the wall tiles are smooth tiles without grooves, it's easier to wash off the dirt deposits and it sparkles even more.

Bathroom tiles with grooves means that dirt hang in those grooves making it even more difficult to keep clean.

So, what kind of wall tiles will you use?

The choice is yours to make.

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