Bathroom Wall Cabinets Lagos Nigeria - Bathroom Wall Cabinet Tips

Bathroom wall cabinets Lagos Nigeria - A bathroom wall cabinet is a great space saver especially when you have a small bathroom.

Why a wall cabinet? What is wrong with a floor cabinet?

I suppose the reason is obvious.

Most cabinets are made of wood. Consequently, when they are installed on the floor instead of on the wall, they begin to absorb moisture over time. Eventually, the wood becomes badly damaged from water absorption.

In simple terms . . . the life span of the cabinet is cut short when it is installed on the bathroom floor.

There is another reason why bathroom wall cabinets are preferred to bathroom floor cabinets even when the cabinet is made of metal that does not deteriorate in the same manner as a wooden cabinet does.

When a metal cabinet is installed on the floor of the bathroom, water splashes on the bathroom cabinet every time someone takes his bath in the bathroom. The repeated splash of soap water on the surfaces of the bathroom metal cabinet will end up making the cabinet unsightly and unpresentable.

This problem would be none existent in a luxurious bathroom where the bathroom is as big as some living rooms and space is not a constraint. But those kind of luxurious bathrooms are peculiar to luxury apartments and certain fully serviced furnished apartments.

The majority of residential real estate in Lagos Nigeria have small bathrooms that can only accommodate one person at a time. So, if you install a metal floor cabinet in the bathroom, you won't like the sight of it over time.

In this case, to keep the cabinet continuously clean and sparkling, you will have to do repeated cleaning daily or at least once every two days. That is additional work for you.

There is also the problem of space constraint when you choose floor cabinets as against bathroom wall cabinets.

As mentioned above, most bathrooms in Lagos Nigeria are small in size or dimension . . . both length and breadth. Installing a floor cabinet in the bathroom will therefore make an already bad situation worse.

In summary, bathroom wall cabinets are more advantageous than bathroom floor cabinets.

Having established that, let's give some thought to cabinet installation methodologies.

There are two common methods for installing wall cabinets in Lagos.

1. Drill nails on the wall and suspend the cabinet on the wall via the nails

2. Bury hooks on the wall during the building construction process. Future residents of the apartmet can then hang stuff, including cabinets, using those hooks buried into the wall.

Option 1 is easy to do.

You first buy or manufacture the cabinet from a furniture shop. The cabinet will normally have hooks provided at the back for suspending it. You then drill nails to the wall to correspond with the position of the hooks at the back of the cabinet.

Option 2 happens during the real estate construction process. Unfortunately, most Nigeria real estate developers and property owners don't put this into consideration when building a property. Hence, you're likely going to do this yourself following option 1 above.

The important thing is to get your bathroom properly organized using the power of wall cabinets.

Just do whatever it takes. It's for your own good.

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