Bathroom Tile - Get The Right Bathroom Tile Design

Bathroom tile keep mucus and algae away from your bathroom and leaves it with an appealing look and feel.

But it does more.

Bathroom tile design with exquisite color blends also adds beauty to your bath. Besides, using tiles on your bathroom floor and walls makes it easy to preserve the beauty of the floors and walls.

Simple flushing and cleaning is all that is required to maintain the beauty of your bathroom when you use tiles.

Unfortunately, many folks in Lagos Nigeria just struggling to make a living think tile is a luxury.

These folks simply blaster the walls with cement and sand mixture, bore a hole on one side of the wall for the bathing water to escape and their bathroom is ready.

Cheap, huh?

If you are one of those tempted to think that use of tiles in your bathroom is luxury, visit a home with beautifully designed tiles in the bathroom and compare this with your dry uninviting bathroom.

The difference will amaze you.

And talking about luxury, who doesn't need a little luxury in their lives? I'm sure you do.

Using the right bathroom tile design could also save your life.


Well, when you bathe in a bathroom that incorporates a shower and you have to stand to bathe, soap residue line the floor as you bathe. Therefore the floor becomes slippery.

If the tile design is the smooth type, you're likely to slip and have a dangerous fall and this could be life-threatening.

Consequently, the tiles you should use for your bathroom floor should be one with patches. Those patches are friction points that your feet grip on as you walk on the tiles.

The friction points guarantee you won't slip when you walk around in your bathroom.

My advice?

Choose the right tile design for your bathroom. Develop an eye for beauty and safety.

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