Bathroom Tile Design Lagos Nigeria - Modern Bathroom Tile Designs

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Bathroom tile design Lagos Nigeria - Modern bathroom tile designs in Lagos Nigeria are appealing and address the issues peculiar to the bathroom area of the home.

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Let's face it. How often do you visit the bathroom in your home per day?

Twice? Three times? Five times? Ten times?

What you will find is that the bathroom is perhaps the least visited part of the home, except in cases where the bathroom and the toilet are within the
same room. Hence, many people pay little attention to the bathroom design as well as to other bathroom accessories.

However, there has been a huge shift in the last couple of years from that functional attitude towards bathrooms to aesthetics and prime quality.

This paradigm shift has also affected the kind of bathroom tile design produced by manufacturers and available in the Lagos Nigeria building materials market.

Starting from the very functional bit, bathroom tile design are such that they incorporate grooves in the tiles that act as friction pads that the legs can
latch onto when the individual is bathing. That grip ensures that potential for slippage is minimized.

Slips in the bathroom can be deadly. A friend reported how his relative slipped in his bathroom Jacuzzi and slammed the back of his head against the edge of the Jacuzzi. That was an accident that almost cost him his life.

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Bathroom tiles experts realize the safety implication of bathroom tiles as well as the negative impact on sales and profitability if the media starts

a campaign against use of bathroom tiles due to the death toll. So, every effort is made to continuously improve on tile design to meet the aspirations of customers.

One improvement that has long gone into effect is the number of grooves and how they interlock with the bottom of your leg when you stand on them. It is important that the grip is right and that slippage is minimized.

Modern tile designs for bathroom tiles also now have good aesthetic appeal that pulls the customer and excite his sense of style. You can't help but be
amazed when you walk into some luxury real estate with specialized bathroom tiles installed. It just blows your mind.

The thing about tiles is that they add beauty and style to your home . . . your bathroom inclusive.

So, if you're thinking of building your own home, do creative selection of tiles for your home and your bathroom. Bathroom tiles of the right design and aesthetics makes the bathroom a great  place to be.

As I mentioned earlier in one of my articles, some of the greatest breakthroughs in history were hatched in the bathroom.

For example, the scientist (Archimedes) who discovered the Eureka concept stumbled on the solution in his bathroom after months of wrestling with the
problem placed on his laps by the kind.

You too can experience the liberating effects of a cold long bath in a bathroom that sets your brain afire with ideas.

A word of caution.

Use only floor tiles that have grooves for proper foot grips as bathroom tiles. That is the starting point for building an accident-free bathroom.

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