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Bathroom sinks Lagos - The bathroom sink is usually made of stainless steel, ceramic or transparent reinforced glass. The most commonly used of all three is the stainless steel sink.

The stainless steel sink is a food grade sink that does not rust and just matches the needs of virtually every kitchen. The advantages include:

  • Anti-rust capability
  • Light weight
  • small to medium size
  • Anti-break capability and
  • affordability

    The ceramic sink comes next in popularity. And it has the following advantages:

  • it has good aesthetic appeal
  • it is portable
  • it is easy to install and
  • it is affordable

    The major drawback or disadvantage of ceramic bathroom sinks is the fact that it shatters when it is hit by something heavy or when it drops and hits the floor. That is, it is breakable. And it can break during installation or during use.

    However, it is important to point out that while ceramic bathroom sinks are breakable, they are not necessarily fragile. Remember that toilet accessories are also made of ceramic and they last and last.So, while ceramic sinks are breakable, they last and last when handled with care.

    Transparent reinforced glass sinks are usually not commonly used among low to medium income earners during building construction. And there is a likelihood that you will not use transparent reinforced glass sinks when you build your own home, if you are a medium to low income earners.


    The simple reason is cost.

    I can assure you that when you build your own home you will be concerned about the total cost of the project. And as a low or medium earner with limited resources, you're likely to buy functional fixtures and fittings that will adequately do the job and focus less on luxury.

    Transparent reinforced glass sink will likely be one of those luxuries you may not wish to buy.

    The advantages of transparent glass sink include:

  • aesthetic appeal
  • Transparency - leaves you with a transparent, almost ecstatic feeling and
  • Defines your class and sense of style

    The key disadvantage that readily come to mind is that it is expensive and within the preserve of the rich. Hence, you will find it mostly luxury hotels and expensive luxury apartments. About installation of bathroom sinks.

  • Many residential real estate owners install bathroom sinks in a rather crude way. And this often lead to problems.

    What is the common approach?

    In many bathrooms, you will find that the sink for the bathroom is held in place by two iron rods or two half inch hollow galvanized pipes buried into the bathroom wall where the sink is installed. What this means is that the sink can slide horizontal, fall to the ground and break.

    A friend had an experience where a guest was taking his bath in his house and slipped. In a last minute attempt to stay standing, he grabbed hold of the sink for support. As he did, the sink came off the hollow pipes that held the ceramic sink in place. And he went down with it.

    The ceramic sink broke as you would expect and the guest got injured. Not a pleasant experience, I tell you.

    So, when you install the sink for your bathroom, don't just hang it there. Ensure the sink hangers or place holders have a hook at both ends to ensure the sink does not slide outwards . . . on its own or when someone stumbles against it.

    One last thing.

    Should stainless steel sinks be used in the bathroom?

    Ideally, stainless steel sinks are great for use as kitchen sinks. Ceramic sinks fit more in the bathroom because they match the colour and make of the toilet accessories. And hence, combine to give and appealing environment to bath.

    Make the right choice and install your sinks right. You will be just fine.

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