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Bathroom signs Lagos Nigeria - Bathroom signs are of great importance in situations where multiple tenants share the same bathroom facility.

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This is often the case in single room apartments (called face me I face you apartments) where as many as ten families, each with upwards of three to five kids, share a single bathroom or two bathrooms at the most.

Imagine the frenzy for bathroom usage, especially in the morning hours when parents are rushing to work and children to school!

In such situations, bathroom signs indicate whether the bathroom is occupied or vacant. Otherwise, one of your neighbours may walk in on you naked if appropriate bathroom sign is not displayed on the bathroom door. Not a pleasant sight, trust me.

The truth is . . . most single room residential real estate or apartment buildings do not have specially made bathroom signs to hang on doors. Hey, we are talking of really low income apartments here. People here do not have the luxury of a gold plated (even silver plated) sign for the mass tenant bathroom.

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Instead, they use creative ways to tell other intending bathroom users that the bathroom is currently occupied.

For example, the person currently using the bathroom may place his towel across the frame of the bathroom door to indicate that the bathroom is occupied.

This is possible because many single room apartment building landlords don't spend too much money on the bathroom.

For instance, many Nigeria real estate owners of single room apartment buildings don't install a standard door in the bathroom. They just call in a carpenter to nail together three horizontal wood with cross bars to produce a door just adequate to fit into the bathroom door frame and cover the nakedness of folks who will use the bathroom.

In the same vein, many landlords don't bother to add another set of blocks after the bathroom frame is installed, as they do for the rest of the doors in the building.

Consequently, in cases like this, there exist an opening between the top frame of the bathroom and the roof of the bathroom.

It is this space that residents of the apartment often hang their towels when taking their bath. And since most landlords of single family homes and mass market, low income residential buildings don't provide towel hangers in the bathroom, this opening between the bathroom frame
and the roof meets an urgent need.

In effect, the lack of proper finishing on the bathroom door serves two purpose:

1. It provides a functional means to hang towels when folks take their bath and

2. It serves as a bathroom sign to indicate to potential bathroom users that the bathroom is occupied

Another situation where bathroom signs come handy is where bathrooms are dedicated to the sexes. For example, some bathrooms may be designated as male bathrooms and others as female bathrooms.

This can happen in the manufacturing setting where factory staff need to take their bath after the day's work to wash off sweat and dirt associated with tedious work in the factory.

Another situation is in a large apartment building where there is more than one bathroom and the residents decide to allocate one or more to the women folk, their wives and mothers, to allow for greater level of privacy.

Please note that signs for bathrooms don't have to be special signs.

In poor neighbourhoods, residents simply write 'Male bathroom' and 'Female Bathroom' respectively on the doors - with something as simple as a pen - to indicate the bathrooms that are reserved exclusively for men and those for women.

In corporate settings, signage for bathroom come engraved and conspicuous . . . just like all other office tags that appear on office doors indicating the position or name of the occupant.

In some instances, the signs are pictures of a standing male and female printed on plastic tags and attached to the male and female bathrooms respectively.

If you are a corporate entity, don't forget to include the bathroom in the list of office doors to carry a name tag.

In simple words . . .

Signs for bathrooms have their place. Use them appropriately.

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