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Bathroom showers Lagos Nigeria - The average 2 or 3 bedroom flat in Lagos have a bathroom shower. And so do single bedroom apartments or what is popularly known as self-contain or 1 bedroom apartment.

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Showers are much more popular than Jacuzzi and bath tubs in Lagos Nigeria, especially in low and medium income residential real estate.

The reason for this is simple.

The shower is . . .

1. Easy to install

2. Easy to maintain and

3. A lot a Cheaper than a Jacuzzi

The three advantages listed above are the core reasons why the shower system of bathing has enjoyed great patronage in Nigeria.

Just how easy is it to install bathroom showers?

All you need is plumbing network or pipe work to the bathroom. The bathroom shower is then connected to this water pipe network. And, hey, you're good to go . . . ready to shower.

Here is a brief description of the plumbing system common in Lagos Nigeria so you understand the advantage of using a shower system in your bathroom.

The water source in most homes in Lagos come from a water well or borehole drilled by water drilling engineers or borehole contractors. A water pump is installed in the water well or borehole that pumps water straight from the borehole to the overhead tank installed above the roof of the building.

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Actually, some water tanks are installed on the concrete decking part of the roof or on a separate structure built somewhere at the side or behind the
house. In some cases, Nigeria real estate owners construct a galvanized pipe structure that holds the tank at a height close to the roof of the house.

It is important that the tank is above the house because the water is usually distributed inside the house by gravity.

A central water distribution pipe connects to the overhead tank and runs around the house. Water is connected from this main water distribution channel at several points of use in the home.

For example, connections are made to the . . .

  • kitchen
  • toilet
  • bathroom and
  • central locations outside the building where water is required

The water pipe that connects to the bathroom is also what connects to the shower.

The water pipe enters the bathroom at ground level and then is raised vertically against the wall of the bathroom. Then it bends and protrudes horizontal
from the wall at a height higher than the average human height. The bathroom shower accessory is then installed at the tip of that horizontal protrusion.

Home owners in Lagos actually kill two birds with one stone when they install bathroom showers.


Since water is required in the bathroom for bathing via the shower and also for washing (many homes don't have dedicated laundry rooms), a water tap is provided in the bathroom for fetching water. More often than not, the water tap is connected from the vertical section of the shower pipe work.

What is the advantage of this?

It is essentially about cost.

When the water tap connection is drawn from the pipe for the shower, the home owner saves himself the cost of running another pipe network for the water tap in the bathroom.

Smart, right?

It is great to think through such cost cutting measures when you build your own home. It will substantially reduce the cost of the entire building construction project.

Some low income homes don't have as much as a single shower in this modern age. Perhaps that is one of the cost cutting measure of the home owner or landlord. Consequently, tenants living in this class of apartments end up fetching water with bucket into the bathroom before they can take their bath.

This is really backward.

Dear landlords in Lagos Nigeria, the common showers in Lagos markets are not a luxury.

Simplify the life of your tenants by installing one in the bathroom. You make their lives a lot easier.

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