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Bathroom plumbing Lagos Nigeria - Good bathroom plumbing ensures adequate water delivery to the bathroom, good wash water drainage from the bathroom, proper toilet discharge and more.

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The importance of good plumbing in your bathroom cannot be over emphasized. In fact, everything you do in the bathroom depends on receipt of water to the bathroom and discharge of wash water from the bathroom.

Let me give you some insight into the plumbing structure of the bathroom. Please give this some careful thought.

Let's start with water delivery to the bathroom.

In most homes, the water pump moves water from the borehole or water well onto an overhead water tank that serves the water needs of the entire building. The water from the borehole enters the overhead tank from
the side and close to the top of the tank.

The water is then transported from the overhead tank to the points of use in the home through a supply pipework that connects to the base of the
overhead tank. This main supply pipework runs around the building. Connections are made from this main water delivery line to the points of use at appropriate locations.

The bathroom plumbing connects to this main water source through a series of pipework.

There are a few things to note when designing the bathroom plumbing prior to the start of the building construction.

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1. The point at which the supply to the bathroom connects to the main water delivery channel

2. The number of connections from the main line

3. The number of isolation valves

4. The location of the bathroom shower

5. The location of the bathroom sink and

6. The location of the toilet (in situations where the toilet and bathroom are in the same room)

About number of entry points into the bathroom.

In most cases, there is only one water supply pipeline to the bathroom from the main water line. Obviously, it makes sense to get one water supply
connection to the bathroom from the main line. A key reason is that it lowers your plumbing cost.

However, be sure to provide for several branch-offs from this single line when you design the bathroom plumbing.

Why is this necessary?

The core reason is to allow for easy isolation of faulty line pending when repairs will be effected.

For example, you may design the plumbing such that a separate route goes to . . .

  • the toilet
  • the bathroom sink and
  • the shower

This approach allows you to be able to isolate the bathroom shower line in case of line breakage and still be able to use and flush the toilet without

Another thing to note when running the plumbing for the bathroom is the question of cost.

The bill of materials increase as the network of pipes increase. In turn, the cost increases as the bill of materials increase.

So, to keep your cost low, optimize the design such that the pipework is neat and yet delivers on the objective of providing adequate water supply and
drainage to and from the bathroom.

Be sure too to position the bathroom drainage such that all of the wash water in the bathroom gets taken off or drained to prevent mucor formation on the

Mucous formation on floors often end up making the floor slippery. And that could be dangerous.

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