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Bathroom paint Lagos Nigeria - The choice of bathroom paint affects the look and feel of your bathroom. There is nothing as embarrassing and nauseating in the home as a dirty bathroom or dirty kitchen.

Dirty bathrooms are not just embarrassing when guests visit. They are also stomach-turning to the home owner.

You can do a lot to limit the feeling of awkwardness associated with the dirty walls of your bathroom by choosing the right colours when painting your bathroom.

What makes the bathroom walls dirty in the first place?

There are two sources of bathroom wall dirt:

1. Dust that settles on the wall over time and

2. Splashes of bath soap and water on the walls

How do you deal with these sources of dirt or stains on the bathroom walls?

Simple. Use a bathroom paint that mask the dirt . . . a bathroom paint that does not make the stains so obvious.

Actually, there are two ways to deal with the two dirt generating situations listed above. Each method or strategy addresses each of the problem. Let's discuss these easy solutions.

Problem 1: Dust settles on the bathroom wall over time making it look dirty and abhorring

This problem will always be there. Dust will always settle on walls because there is air flow through the bathroom and the air carries with it dust.

So how do you deal with this to minimize cost of re-painting the walls?

Deal with the problem by painting the walls with glossy paint.

A glossy paint is water resistant. That means that water does not wash off the paint when you wash the walls with soap and water. So, when you paint the bathroom walls with glossy paint, you can decide to wash or clean the walls weekly or bi-weekly to maintain the beauty and elegance of the walls and the bathroom.

Virtually all paint brands have both gloss and emulsion paint. So, you are not restricted or limited to any particular brand when you decide to use glossy paint as your bathroom paint.

Note that glossy paints are usually more expensive than emulsion paints. Consequently, you don't have to use gloss paint for the interior of the entire apartment. It will suffice to use gloss paint for the bathroom walls only.

Besides, there have been reports that gloss paint results in heat been trapped in the rooms. Practically, that means the interior of your home will be hotter when you use gloss paint for the entire interior.

Problem 2: Splashes of bath soap and water on bathroom walls

People bath for several reasons. This includes . . .

1. Bathing as a matter of habit

2. Bathing to feel fresh

3. Bathing to wash off sweat

4. Bathing for health reasons and

5. Bathing to wash off dirt

Let's zero in on item five . . . the fifth reason why people take their bath.

People bath to wash off dirt.

When they wash off this dirt off their body, where does it go?

Some fall on the floor of the bathroom and is washed away down the drain. Some fall on the wall as the person taking his bath swings his hands back and forth. When the dirty soap water dries on the wall, it leaves stains on it.

One way to deal with this problem is the use the approach mentioned above . . . to use glossy bathroom paint so that the home owner or someone designated by him can do regular cleaning of the walls to maintain the glow and beauty of the bathroom.

A second way to address this problem is to use a glossy paint that makes the dirt on the walls less obvious.

How does this work?

Well, dust is brown in colour. Most dirt too are equally brown in colour. Hence, some people paint the bathroom walls with a glossy brown color or deep cream colour to mask the dirt and make the dirt less obvious.

This strategy results in less cleaning for you or your cleaning schedule may be less frequent.

My advice?

Use both strategies and keep your bathroom sparkling clean.

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