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Bathroom mirrors Lagos Nigeria - Installing a bathroom mirror in your bathroom enables you to do a quick self assessment of how you look and fix whatever needs your attention before you leave the bathroom.

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The bathroom is a wet place so its not a place you should be holding a mirror. Hence, the mirrors suitable for a bathroom are large mirrors that have provision of hooks at the back for suspending the mirror.

There are three possible positions you can install mirror in the bathroom.

1. ON the bathroom wall cabinet

2. On the bathroom wall above the sink or

3. On the bathroom wall above the counter top

Option 1 above is suitable for bathroom mirrors in small bathrooms where space is a luxury. In such bathrooms, the bathroom wall cabinets do a great job of helping better organize the bathroom. The mirror then can be installed on the side of the wall cabinet or on one of the doors.

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This enables you to take a good look at yourself after taking your bath.

Option 2 is also suitable for small bathrooms as well as sizable bathrooms.

In this case, the mirror is installed just above the bathroom sink and gives the individual an opportunity to examine his teeth when he brushes on the sink and examine his body after taking his bath.

Option 3 above is for big bathrooms where there is sufficient space for jacuzzi, toilet facility, and separate countertop for makeup.

In this case, the mirror is installed above the bathroom countertop and bathroom furniture is provided where the individual can seat comfortably and wear her makeup, comb her hair, and generally ensure that she looks good.

These large size bathrooms are often seen in luxury apartments or luxury hotel suits for the rich.

Lagos Nigeria landlords who build regular apartments design the bathroom to be small so they can build more rooms or flat per plot of land and increase
their return on investment. So, you're likely to be stuck with option 1 or 2 except you have the financial muscle for luxury apartments.

I can assure you that you don't need to rent or build a luxury apartment before enjoying the value of mirrors. Consider options 1 and 2 above
when installing mirrors for your bathrooms.

Some people walk away from the bathroom with soap in their ears and a less than perfect look. That won't happen to you anymore.

Simply ensure your bathroom has a mirror installed.

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