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Bathroom light fixtures Lagos Nigeria - The purpose of this section is to explore the bathroom light fixtures available in the Lagos Nigeria real estate
market, how to source them, and the choices you have to evaluate.

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The truth is . . . bathroom lights are different from the rest of the lighting in a residential apartment because of the perception of the value of
the bathroom.

For example, in Lagos Nigeria home owners place a lot of emphasis on the way the sitting room is organized, furnished, and decorated. Home owners even go out of their way to install special lights for the sitting room and, perhaps, also the master bedroom used by the parents.

I guess you know why.

The sitting room is the centre of attention because that is the part of the home that receives and entertain visitors.

The bathroom does not receive that level of attention. And so, many home owners in Lagos Nigeria usually don't invest in any special bathroom light fixtures.

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In view of this, let's highlight the common light fixtures available and how the bathroom light fixtures fit in.

The common light fixtures are:

1. The normal 60 Watts bulb

2. Circular fluorescent bulbs

3. Coil shaped fluorescent bulbs

4. Oval shaped bulbs with Moon shaped enclosures

5. Oval shaped bulbs with smart enclosure designs

Most homes use option 1 because it is the commonest lighting type and also the cheapest. Wherever you go, from street corners to major stores, you will
find the 60 watts bulb.

In fact, a lot of homes don't bother about using special light fixtures anywhere in the home because of the cost. They simply use the cheap and reliable
60 Watts bulb everywhere in the home, including the bathroom and sitting room.

The common bulb is available in three different categories:

  • 60 Watts
  • 100 Watts and
  • 200 watts

The 60 watts model is commonly used in the interior of the home. In some cases, people prefer the 100 watts model because the bulb provides good light intensity even in situations where the electricity company supplies low current.

The 200 watts model is often used for perimeter fence and as security light by people unable to afford Halogen security lamps.

Medium income folks and high income earners like to spend their money to please their senses. So, they buy special lightings for the sitting room, master bedroom, and anywhere else they deem fit in the home.

What is the difference between these special light fixtures and the regular bulb?

Well, the difference is in aesthetics and style.

To tell the truth, these special lights add beauty to a home. They come in various shapes and design. The light output depends on the colour and rating of the bulb that comes with the type you buy.

Special lighting fixtures with exotic designs are available in standard electrical materials sales outlet all over Lagos Nigeria. If you are a 'big boy',
you probably will shop for these items at Shop Rite or Games . . . the exotic shopping malls in Lekki.

Special bathroom light fixtures also add beauty and class to your bathroom, the same way as they do to your living room. So, if you can afford it, why not?

Enjoy a little luxury every day . . . in your sitting room or in your bathroom.

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