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Bathroom layouts Lagos Nigeria - Bathroom layouts affect the ease of movement inside the bathroom, the comfort level of people who use the bathroom, and the safety of people who use the bathroom.

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Consequently, it is important to give some thought to how you plan the layout of your bathroom when you build your own home and especially during the building design or house plan development stage and ultimately during the building construction phase.

Why is that so important?

Simply put . . . you do not want to jeopardize the safety of people who will eventually use the bathroom.

There are at least four areas worthy of your attention when you design your bathroom layout.

1. the size of the bathroom

2. the position of the toilet

3. the position of the water sink and

4. the position of the shower unit

Ideally, the size of the bathroom should be designed to be spacious for ease of movement by users of the bathroom.

For example, a standard 2 or 3 bedroom flat for residential real estate in Lagos Nigeria, would usually have a bathroom size about 6ft X 8ft. That size is big enough to accommodate a bathroom that also includes a toilet facility. This incorporates a . . .

  • shower
  • sink and
  • toilet (WC)

. . . within the same bathroom.

The advantage of this is that it saves you space and money because you get to use one space for two facilities.

However, some bathroom layouts are usually choked because the basic foundation of sufficient or adequate space for bathroom activities is not met. When
that happens, safety is compromised.

Here are some ideas for positioning accessories in the bathroom such that you optimize the bathroom space.

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The bathroom toilet or WC should be positioned facing the bathroom door if the bathroom is such that it optimizes space or at a 90 degrees angle to the door if that best suits the configuration of the bathroom.

The bathroom sink should be positioned opposite the shower and not side by side with it.

What happens when the shower is side by side with the bathroom sink?

That could result in incidences of users hitting their hands against the bathroom sink when they take their bath especially in situations where the bathroom size is small.

If you are building your personal home for you and your family, I suggest you make your bathroom sizable. Don't constrain yourself to a tight bathroom when you can afford something bigger and trendier.

However, if you're a tenant and has rented an apartment or Lagos accommodation that has a small bathroom, be creative about the way you use the bathroom to optimize value. One way to improve your situation in
is to use bathroom cabinets to organize your bathroom.

Whatever your situation, simply make the most of it.

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