Bathroom Ideas Lagos Nigeria - Free Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom ideas Lagos Nigeria - The purpose of this page is to provide bathroom design ideas you can put to use or deploy when building your own home.

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing bathroom design is the size of the bathroom.

Your bathroom can be as big as you want it to be. You decide the pattern and size of each facility in your building construction. So, if you decide you want the bathroom to be as big as the living room, that is exactly what will happen.

However, for most people, space is a luxury.

For example, in Lagos Nigeria, many people are only able to purchase a plot of land or half plot of land because of their financial capability. A plot of land in Lagos is 120ft by 60ft or 668 square metres. It follows that, half plot of land is 334 square metres.

Suppose a man purchases 334 square metres, how much space can he allocate to the bathroom? Little, right?

Even in cases where the Nigeria real estate owner has a full plot of land or even two plots of land, the size of the bathroom is still small compared to the rest of the facilities in the apartment.

The essence of this bathroom ideas or bathroom design ideas section is not to encourage you to provide more space for the bathroom but to help you think through the bathroom configuration.

A standard bathroom in a 2 or 3 bedroom residential real estate is about 8ft by 6ft. In some master bedroom, the bathroom toilet combination is as big as 14ft by 5ft because the bathroom is built to be as long as the width of the bedroom.

Another thing to consider when brainstorming bathroom ideas and bathroom design ideas is . . . the bathroom flooring.

What kind of flooring will you use? Tiles, cement, or Terrazzo?

What about wall tiles? Will you tile the bathroom walls half way or straight up to the ceiling?

Other things to consider are:

  • bathtub installation or Jacuzzi
  • type of bathroom sink to install
  • bathroom shower curtain
  • bathroom exhaust fans installation
  • type of bathroom shower to use
  • bathroom lighting fixtures

    . . . and more.

  • Bottom line.

    Give some thought to your bathroom design well before construction starts because the bathroom design as well as fittings and fixtures will ultimately affect the overall cost of the project.

    Use this four-step approach:

    1. brainstorm all the bathroom ideas or bathroom design ideas you have

    2. categorize these design options into 'MUST HAVE' and 'NICE TO HAVE'

    3. cost the options

    4. decide what you will include in the bathroom design and what will stay out based on cost considerations

    My advice?

    Have a lovely bathroom but don't put a hole in your pocket.

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