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Bathroom flooring Lagos Nigeria - There are several bathroom floor options available when you build your own home or residential real estate in Lagos Nigeria.

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Each of these options have advantages and disadvantages. And the cost profile also differs from one option to the other.

Let's take a quick look at the options available and how you can implement them.

The options available include:

1. Cement floor

2. Terrazzo floor and

3. Bathroom tiles

The cement floor option is exactly as the name implies. It is a floor derived from plastering the floor of the bathroom with a mixture of cement and sand
blended appropriately with the right amount of water.

Let's review the building process in Lagos Nigeria so you understand the point about bathroom flooring options available here.

When the building process starts, it usually starts with the foundation of the house.

The standard foundation in Lagos Nigeria is about four to five blocks high. However, if the topology is such that the neighbourhood is prone to erosion,
the home owner may use a foundation of six to eight blocks high to ensure the house is higher than the street and, hence, guarantee that the interior of
the house will not be prone to flooding.

When the foundation is completed and the interior rooms filled with red sand, some builders go ahead and lay concrete flooring about 3-4 inches high above
the entire length and breadth of the foundation floor. This is usually called German Floor.

In houses where the German floor was not done at the foundation stage, the house is built to roof level and roofed. Thereafter the concrete floor is done
for each room post roofing.

Whatever the approach, each room gets a layer of floor concrete before any other work (e.g. tiling) is executed on the floor.

For bathroom flooring where the floor is a cement floor, the concrete underlay is first done and then . . .

  • the walls of the bathroom are plastered
  • the drain installed
  • the bath tub or Jacuzzi installed (where applicable) and
  • the floor plastered with cement, sand, and water mixture

The ratio of the sand to the cement is critical to ensuring the cement mixture plaster on the floor stands the test of time and water usage in the bathroom.
Ensure you get that ratio right. Do not allow your bricklayer or mason economize here.

In situations where floor tiles are proposed for the bathroom, a layer of sand and cement is first laid on the floor to smooth the floor above the concrete. This helps achieve the target of a smooth, non-undulating floor when the floor tiles for the bathroom are finally installed.

When the floor of the bathroom is planned to be a Terrazzo floor, the Terrazzo floor making process is followed all through the apartment building, including the kitchen.

What option should you adopt for the floor of your bathroom?

Well, it depends on you.

It is about your sense of style and the size of your pocket.

My advice?

If you can afford it, add some flavour to your life. Make your bathroom a place to be.

At the very least, use floor tiles in your bathroom.

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