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Bathroom exhaust fans Lagos Nigeria - A bathroom exhaust fan is designed to remove stale smell and unpleasant odors from the bathroom environment so that you can enjoy the time you spend in the bathroom.

Of course, nobody wants to be in an environment that is nauseating or one that turns your stomach. That is why the need for a bathroom fan cannot be
over emphasized.

What is responsible for bad odors in the bathroom in the first place?

The simple answer is . . . water log and environmental moisture. These combine to produce an offensive odor.

How does the bathroom fan accomplish the task of eliminating the bad odor from the bathroom environment?

Essentially, bathroom exhaust fans accomplish the task by creating a draft of air that is sucked out through the vent of the bathroom exhaust fans. Since nature abhors vacuum, the air that is sucked out by the bathroom fan is immediately replaced with fresh air from nearby sources.

A great way to minimize the degree of odor from the bathroom is to address the root cause.

As mentioned earlier, one of the root causes of bad smell in the bathroom is water log situations in the bathroom. Water log in the bathroom causes
four problems:

1. It results in bad and offensive smell in the bathroom environment

2. It makes the bathroom floor slippery

3. It encourages the harborage of germs within the floor of the bathroom and

4. It makes the bathroom look unkempt and unsavory

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So, a good starting point is to ensure that your bathroom flooring is such that it allows for smooth flow of wash water to the drain.

How do you accomplish that?

Well, bathroom floor design in Lagos Nigeria is such that the drain is located somewhere near the back end of the wall or at one intersection of the walls. The floor is then beveled to ensure all wash water move by gravity towards the drain.

The water log problem occurs when the right slant angle of the floor is not achieved. So, to deal with the problem of water log and bathroom smell from the root cause, simply ensure the shape of the floor is done right during building construction stage.

Let me say this up front.

No matter how hard you try, there will still be some kind of unpleasant odor in the bathroom. Remember I mentioned earlier two reasons for bad bathroom odor. The first was water log in the bathroom and the second was environmental moisture.

We have dealt with the first. Now about environmental moisture. Environmental moisture in this sense refers to the relative humidity or dampness of the bathroom. When an environment is damp to the extent that the bathroom is, it tends to affect the smell.

So, while you can minimize the smell by ensuring water is not hanging around the floor of the bathroom, that alone cannot guarantee a smell-free bathroom environment. You need 'constantly ON' or 'Always ON' bathroom exhaust fans to accomplish that.

Unfortunately, most homes in Lagos do not have provision for bathroom fans. And that is a terrible design mistake.

If you are contemplating building your own home, please consider installing suitable exhaust fans in all bathrooms. It does not cost so much to install and is maintenance free.

In the meantime, if you live in a house without bathroom fans, use an air freshener in the bathroom.

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