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Bathroom designs Lagos Nigeria - Most bath or washroom designs in Lagos reflect lack of purposeful planning in the design and execution of the building construction.

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When you enter some bathroom setup you wonder what the property owner or real estate developer was thinking when he designed the bathroom. It appears as if many take the bathroom for granted. They spend a lot of money building what looks like elegant buildings on the outside but then spoil their beauty with lousy washrooms.

"Is it not just a bathroom? Just squeeze something there".

The above seem to be the attitude of many Lagos Nigeria real estate new home builders to bathroom design.

If you think this kind of attitude is limited to poor homes alone, then you don't understand what happens in the Nigeria real estate market.

Don't get me wrong.

Of course, there are impressive luxury apartments with state-of-the-art bathrooms. You're simply blown away as soon as you step into one of such bathrooms. You're short of words.

I have seen these kind of breath-taking properties in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Lekki. In fact, most luxury real estate in Lagos Nigeria have the reputation of being beautifully crafted inside and out.

In some cases, property developers and real estate owners of luxury real estate have been known to insist on the use of imported materials or items for the entire interior of the luxury apartment.

It is understandable why luxury real estate owners demand the use of advanced high quality materials for fittings and furnishings when executing the legendary bathroom design of luxury apartments.

Luxury real estate owners serve a niche market that is passionate about class and style . . . a market that is sensitive to quality of finish, rank and status - a niche market that is willing to pay whatever it takes to get the quality and style they desire.

When you serve this kind of market, you cannot afford to take anything for granted - not even the toilet or bathroom.

bathroom designs lagos nigeria

But hey, you don't have to be stinking rich to enjoy the pleasant things of life. You don't have to build a luxury apartment to have a great and inspiring bathroom.

You don't have to pay through your nose to achieve functional and aesthetically appealing bathroom designs.

A little thoughtfulness, forward thinking, creativity, and the desire to achieve more than the ordinary is all it takes.

The bathroom section of this web site covers the basics of bathroom designs . . . stuff you need to give some thought to when designing the bathroom for your home.

In this section we will cover . . .

. . . and a whole lot more.

Whether your designs are for small bathroom or luxury bathroom, you deserve to have a little luxury . . . luxury commensurate with what your finances can afford.

Listen, life is short. It is great to save. It is wonderful to work hard.

But wait. What is the essence of all that hard work if you cannot use part of what you earn to make your environment a little less functional and more fun?

Yes, build your own home. But not just a functional rag-tag home.

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Deplore some creativity to it. Enjoy some extra comfort in your bathroom, kitchen, toilet, and everywhere else in your home.

Use the links above to access information you need to turn your bathroom into a place to live for.

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