Bathroom Decor Lagos Nigeria - Is Bathroom Decorating For You?

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Bathroom decor Lagos Nigeria - Bathroom decorating is not a common culture in Lagos Nigeria. Most bathroom facilities in regular apartments in Lagos are usually bare.

As Nigeria real estate advisor and property consultant, I have visited hundreds of properties and I can tell you for sure that decorating the bathroom is
not in the culture of Lagos residents and even Nigerians as a whole.

Most bathrooms are just functional units where people take their bath.

Nigeria people focus on decorating the sitting or living room where they entertain guests. The living room is where Lagosians show off what they have successfully amassed in Lagos to friends and relatives. Hence, Nigerians spend a lot of money to buy . . .

  • expensive furniture
  • expensive and flashy electronic gadgets
  • expensive rug
  • Air conditioning units
  • refrigerator
  • living room decorations

. . . and everything else that makes them look good in the eyes of visitors.

What about bathroom décor?

No way!


Simply put . . . many folks think the bathroom is a "necessary evil". They think or act as though there is no big deal to it. The average individual visits
the bathroom perhaps twice a day, in the morning before going to work or school and in the evening after work or school.

Consequently, they cannot understand all this talk about bathroom decor. Most people actually think it is a waste of resources to decorate the bathroom.

For people in the western world or civilized economies, this kind of thinking may sound parochial. But you need to understand the situation of these individuals to understand their manner of reasoning.

The majority of Nigerians live below the poverty level. They are barely able to make ends meet. Most families actually live below two dollars per day. So, making the bathroom look good is not a priority.

Nigeria Real Estate Investing 101

The priority for family heads is to provide shelter, food, and at least basic education for their kids. The bathroom can look bare, who cares?

As a result of the financial situation in the country, you will find that decorating the bathroom happens mostly in luxury apartments  built for people who appreciate finesse and style and who have the money to pay for it.

Here is a point to note.

Decorating the bathroom does not necessarily mean you have to buy expensive stuff in the bathroom. The truth is: you don't need to. What is important is what you do to the bathroom not how expensive what you do is.

For example, simple stuff like . . .

  • the shade of paint you use
  • the combination of colours
  • the lighting combination or
  • the organization of stuff in the bathroom

    . . . can make a difference to the look and feel of the bathroom.

    Bathroom decor is something you need to pay attention to because the bathroom is not just there for bathing. It is a part of your home. It is a vital part of your home.

    I have seen beautifully lighted and decorated bathrooms in my time as real estate agent. And I can tell you that there is more to the bathroom than just bathing.

    Decorated bathrooms are exquisite, delightful, and fulfilling. Give your bathroom some attention and you will be glad you did.

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