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Bathroom curtains Lagos Nigeria - The use of bathroom curtain is a must in certain situations but optional in others.

Let's spend some time to examine the scenarios that require you to use a curtain and those where the use of a curtain is not required.

A typical bathroom in a home would have a bathroom door with a key installed. So, when any member of the family - male or female - wishes to take their bath, they simply lock the door behind them to protect their privacy.

The same goes for single room apartment buildings - or face me I face you  kind of apartments - where the occupants are not family members but neighbours who share the same common amenities within the property.

In fact, there is hardly any apartment you visit in Lagos Nigeria where the bathroom does not have a bathroom door as opposed to bathroom curtains.

It is almost like standard practice for bathrooms to have bathroom doors. The concept of bathroom curtains for residential apartments is not common among low to medium income home owners and real estate developers who serve this market.

However, there are situations when this standard practice does not hold.

1. Situations Where the family is so poor that they are barely able to make ends meet.

In this case, the bread winner may have squeezed the family resources to build a home because he has a burning passion to have at least a Nigeria real estate in his name. He says to himself, "I must build my own home.  I must do this for my family to guarantee them shelter".

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So, he goes ahead and build a home even with his meagre earnings. (I need not tell you that the home he builds may be starved of basic resources. You already guessed that. But, hey, it's a good start).

Alternatively, the bread winner may have started the building project when he had a job but then lost his job or was laid off just before he could complete the apartment building. He may then have decided to relocate to his uncompleted building when the landlord of the residential real estate where he lives begins to mount pressure on him to pay his rent.

You will find many of such buildings in the outskirts of Lagos Nigeria that do not have windows. Some of them use rice sacks as window shield to allow for ventilation in the apartment. You will see pictures of such apartments in the poor real estate section of this web site.

Now, think about it. If the home owner cannot afford to install standard windows in his building, do you think he will be in a position to afford a bathroom door?

The chances are that he may not have the funds for a bathroom door. And that is exactly the case with poor real estate in Lagos Nigeria. Most do not have bathroom door. Instead the owners use make shift bathroom curtains like a cloth hung around where the door is meant to be to provide some level of privacy.

2. A second situation where bathroom doors are replaced with curtains are in single room apartment buildings or single family homes where the landlord is economical with funds. Instead of a door, he may install a curtain in the position for the bathroom door. That saves him some money in terms of building cost.

About situations where bathroom curtains are a must.

1. In luxury apartments with a bath tub

In this situation, a bathroom shower curtain is installed to contain the water splash within the bathtub.

2. In hotels where the toilet and the bath are within the same enclosed room. The shower curtain ensures water does not splash all over the floor

3. In your own custom built family home

Use a curtain in the bathroom to add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom environment.

You deserve a little luxury. So, go for it.

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