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Bathroom colors Lagos Nigeria - Bathroom color varies from house to house in Lagos Nigeria. The color of the bathroom is essentially dependent on the color sensitivity of the property owner or the property developer involved in the building construction.

Often, when someone exits an apartment in Lagos Nigeria, the new tenant usually repaints the interior of the entire apartment before moving in. This is
almost like a general rule because most people do not repaint the apartment while they live in it.

Hence, when they pack out for any reason, the new tenant will often find the apartment walls dirty or stained from years of occupation without repainting. 

Naturally, the new tenant goes ahead and paints the entire apartment before moving in. The bathroom colors are also affected during this painting exercise.

What kind of color should you use in your bathroom?

Well, that is dependent on you.

The bathroom colors scheme change as tenants come and go. Virtually all real estate agents  in Lagos Nigeria do not place a restriction on the kind or shade of bathroom colors and apartment interior colors. So, tenants who
wish to repaint the apartment they have rented are free to do so with whatever color appeals to them.

But let me say this.

Some colors are horrible when used in certain places while others are inviting.

I know you do not spend a whole lot of time in your bathroom but, hey, its part of your apartment. If it is horrible looking because of the flat or hash color you have chosen, then it is horrible to live with.

Tease your senses as you take a shower. Use cool colors that are not hash on the eyes.

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For example, some use cream color that is slightly off-white. That leaves a holy feeling in the bathroom.

More often than not, the color of the bathroom happens to be the color of the entire interior of the apartment. Why is that the case?

Well, it makes the paint purchase uniform. And that, in turn, leaves a uniform color in the apartment. This translates into a uniform, comforting feeling in the entire apartment. If you wish to go that route, that's perfect. The important thing is that you love what you see.

In certain instances, apartment owners or tenants use two different colors for walls. From the bottom of the wall to one-third of it is painted a particular color while the remaining part of the wall is painted a different color or a different shade of the first color.

That adds some variety to the apartment and the bathroom.

Another thing about bathroom colors.

Use glossy paint for your bathroom so that you can wash the walls when they get dirty from stains washed from the body when people take their bath.

No matter how hard you try, soap stains and stains from other sources will hit the wall and remain on it. Soon the walls will become unsightly if you do not clean them regularly.

A better alternative to painting the bathroom wall is to install wall tiles from the bottom to the top of the wall. That is, from the bottom of the side walls of the bathroom straight up to the ceiling.

This alternative often gives your bathroom a sparkling and active color. And the feeling when you walk into the bathroom is simply electric.

However, that cost a whole lot of money to implement. If you don't have the financial muscle to install wall tiles on the entire wall of your bathroom, then you can install tiles for half of the wall and paint the other half of the wall.

The important thing is . . . use colors that stir the imagination and spark creativity.

Remember . . . some of the greatest inventions in human history were hatched in the bathroom as people took their bath and their mind wandered.

Make your bathroom such a place . . . a bathroom with colors that stir your imagination and one that prepares you for your next breakthrough.

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