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Bathroom cabinets Lagos Nigeria - A standard bathroom cabinet is a necessity you should have in your bathroom. It is not a luxury meant for the rich. It should be an essential part of your bathroom because it helps you keep everything you need neatly in one place.

In management, this is called effective organization of resources to achieve stated goals.

When your bathroom is properly organized, everything will have a place or slot allocated to it. Whenever you need something, you simply go to the place allocated for it and retrieve it.

When your bathroom is this organized, your life will be . . .

  • simpler
  • easier
  • smoother and
  • less stressful

    Unfortunately, most homes in Lagos Nigeria do not have bathrooms with bathroom cabinets. The mentality of the average home owner in Lagos is to minimize the cost of fittings and fixtures for the building apartment and maximize return on his investment.

    Consequently, they economize on . . .

  • bathroom accessories
  • kitchen accessories
  • fittings and fixtures
  • wardrobe size and design
  • bedroom size
  • living room size

    . . . and everything else they possibly can to minimize the overall cost of the building project.

  • In fact, some Lagos Nigeria real estate owners don't even install burglary proof and mosquito net in the apartment before they put it up for let.

    Consequently, when you secure a brand new home for rent - a newly built house - you spend a substantial amount to bring it up to your taste.

    For example, you may need to . . .

  • install burglary proof on all the windows - you risk burglars taking advantage of the ease of entry to burgle your apartment

  • install burglary proof on the balcony or verandah for security purposes
  • install mosquito net on all the windows - if you don't your family may experience repeated bouts of malaria attack due to over-exposure to mosquito bites (you can't escape the issue of Mosquito net. The cost of doing so is expensive)

    The list above is not exhaustive but it gives you an idea of the obligations you may need to meet when you rent an apartment in Lagos. The least of them all is bathroom cabinets.

  • Wait. Do you really have to do all of this?

    Well, not necessarily. It all depends on you . . .

  • your priorities
  • your financial capabilities
  • the length of time you wish to live in the apartment and
  • whether you wish to live with the cost of acting otherwise

    Some people who are tenants live in conditions that are less than ideal not because they do not have the money to make improvements but because they feel the property is not theirs.

    So they reason that any improvements made to the apartment benefits the landlord. And, in their opinion, the landlord does not deserve to get from them more than he already has.

    What can I say?

    Well, that sounds ridiculous to me.

    You live in this apartment. Your family lives in the apartment. Who cares whether it pays the landlord long-term or not?

    Do this for your family. Think about your family first. If the landlord benefits, so what?

    I love the beauty and organization that bathroom cabinets add to a home. And I vote for its inclusion in any home.

    My advice?

    Do what is best in your circumstances.

    P.S: Virtually all luxury apartments in Lagos have cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. That is one of the reasons why it is a luxury apartment in the first place. In luxury apartments and furnished apartments you enjoy luxuries not available to regular apartments.

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