Balcony Design - How Big Should Your Verandah Be?

by samson

Balcony or verandah is the entrance area or front end of a home. Funny enough, this is the part of the home or apartment building that does not receive too much attention.

Builders and home developers as well as owners give so much attention to the size of the bedrooms, the size of the living room, the size of the dinning area, the kitchen size and a few other details. But little attention is given to the size of the balcony.

I have lived in houses with all kind of balconies or verandahs. And I know what it's like to feel caged in.

The first apartment I lived in Lagos was a 2 bedroom flat with a 3 feet wide balcony. There was hardly space for anything on the balcony.

8 yrs later I moved to my own home - a 3 bedroom bungalow built by my humble self for my family. The verandah was 4ft wide and I thought that was great.

2 yrs later I moved again to another apartment (reason, distance) - a 3 bedroom flat close to my office with a sizeable dinning area and a living room about half the size of a football pitch.

The width of the verandah of this apartment was 7ft. Wow!

I had plenty of space to relax in the evenings with my family, absorb fresh natural air, and tell good old folk tale.


If you are thinking of building a home of your own, give yourself this little luxury. Make your balcony sizeable - a place suitable for evening relaxation and some family fun.

Trust me, you will love it.

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