Apartment Search
Lagos Nigeria

Apartment search Lagos Nigeria.

Looking for an apartment in Lagos Nigeria? Want something decent and lovely?

Well, it is within your reach.

There are basically three ways you can conduct an apartment search.

1. Searching an online MLS database to find available properties

2. Searching from street to street until you find something worthwhile

3. Employing the services of a Lagos estate agent

Each option has implications. Let's take a closer look at these as it relates to your accommodation search in Lagos Nigeria.

Option 1 is not available in Nigeria.

There is no central online MLS property database in Nigeria where property seekers can browse and find the properties they need in the comfort of their homes. Nigeria is just waking up to the power of the internet.

That leaves you with options 2 and 3.

Option 2 is possible but it does not make sense. It is time-consuming, wasteful, and unproductive. It is a 'dumb' approach to property search.

Okay, you may finally find something worthwhile. But at what cost?

Cost? Isn't it cheaper to find an apartment yourself? Why pay Lagos estate agents when you can find it yourself?

Sounds like a good argument. But think again.

If you decide to find it yourself, how long would it take you to find it? If you're a businessman whose hands are full, what would you loose when you decide to spend a large chunk of your time searching for an apartment?

Obviously, a lot.

Please note: Not using the services of a real estate agent for your apartment search does not mean you will save money.

Many landlords are greedy. When you come to them on your own, they sense that there is no middle man . . . a real estate agent . . . in-between. For them, it means an opportunity to get a bit more from you.

They will tell you to pay the real estate commission for their agent. Whereas in reality, the agent will not get anything if he was not part of the transaction in the first place.

Bottom line.

You still pay the agency commission . . . but to the owner.

Option 3 is by far the best deal.

Employ the services of a real estate agent while you continue with your life.

The estate agent will do all the dirty work and drop an exotic apartment on your laps.

What can be better?

So, it's up to you.

Use the services of Lagos estate agents or do it yourself . . . it's your choice.

We are Lagos Nigeria real estate agents dedicated to helping our clients find the home of their dreams.

See . . .

Apartment for Rent

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Property for sale

You can also do a direct search for the property you need using our state-of-the-art site search feature powered by Google.

Still can't find what you want?

Fill the property finder form and we will contact you when we find your dream property.

Contact us if you have other needs.

We are in business to serve you.

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