Apartment Reviews Nigeria - Premium Apartment Review And Guide

Apartment reviews Nigeria. This free apartment review provides solid information about Lagos Nigeria homes. Read this apartment guide before you get a home.

That's right. Get a clear understanding of how apartments are structured in Nigeria before you dive in and get financially committed to a property.

Let's take a quick look at the apartment types and building patterns in Lagos Nigeria and, indeed, all over Nigeria.

Residential apartment buildings in Lagos Nigeria come in various shapes and sizes. The different apartment types are listed below.

1. 2/3 bedroom flat with single toilet and bath

2. 2/3 bedroom flat with 2 toilets and bath. That is, one master bedroom and one toilet and bath for the two other rooms

3. 2/3 bedroom flat with all rooms ensuite. That means each room has its own toilet and bath

4. 4 bedroom apartments (not very common)

5. 4/5 bedroom semi-detached duplex

6. 4/5 bedroom detached duplex

7. Town houses

8. Terrace duplex

9. Self contain apartment (or studio apartment)

10. Boys quarters (BQ)

11. A block of 4 flats each 2/3 bedroom

12. A block of 6/8 flats each 2/3 bedroom

What type of apartment should you rent?

Basically, it depends on the size of your pocket. A duplex is a great apartment to have. However, our apartment reviews expert recommend that you think twice before renting a duplex.

A key thing to remember with duplex apartments is that a duplex is more or less like two units of 3 bedroom flat. And that presents a peculiar challenge in terms of maintenance. Can your wife alone maintain a duplex? Can she handle all of the cleaning and organizing a sweet home deserves?

It will be especially challenging if she does not have a babysitter, maid, or nanny and she has to cater for the kids and the home all alone.

A 3 bedroom flat all rooms ensuite is a great apartment. And our apartment guide experts give it thumbs up. It's the ideal apartment because all room allotees have all they need within the room they occupy.

Unfortunately, not many residential real estate has all rooms ensuite . . . each room having its own toilet and bath facilities. It is a modern home design trend in Nigeria and not common among old apartments. But even if you do find one, there will be a premium price on it that could challenge your pocket.

Bottom line.

Match your budget to the kind of house within your budget bracket. Don't rent an expensive apartment just to impress your friends. It will put a hole in your pocket.

Our apartment monitoring team say, "Go for what you can afford". The apartment guide editor captures it in a few more words. He says, "keep it simple. Keep it real"

So, stay within your budget. Don't live in fools paradise.

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