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Apartment rentals Lagos Nigeria - Apartment rentals in Lagos Nigeria is no big deal if your budget match your taste.

That means, you know what you want and you have the financial capability to pay for what you want. In that case, you will get your dream property in a breeze and the real estate agent working for you will get his commission in a breeze it.

You get want you desire and the Nigeria real estate agent gets his commission. Then everyone leaves happy.

However, most of the time, clients come to the real estate agent in search of residential real estate or commercial property in a high class, high priced location but with a small budget. When the estate agent tells the client that his request is tough to meet, the client often feel offended.

For example, a client wanted a 2 bedroom flat in Ikoyi and his budget is 250,000 - 400,000 Nigeria Naira. That was an impossible request.

Another client wanted a fully serviced luxury apartment in Ikoyi with swimming pool, gym, and every possible service any luxury apartment rental can have.

His budget?

Two million to four million Nigeria Naira.

Big budget, right?

Well, at least bigger than the first client. But then his request was different from that of the first client. While the first client wanted a regular apartment, this second client wanted a fully serviced apartment.

In either case, the apartment rentals request are tough one to meet.

Real estate agents in Lagos Nigeria handle this kind of requests in one of two ways.

Strategy 1: Tell the client this is an impossible request

In this case, the real estate agent tells the client outright that his request is not feasible because his budget is low. The client is told to expand his budget or come down o his taste. If he is unwilling to do either, the agent forgets about the client - no deal.

Strategy 2: Show the clients properties that meet his taste

In this case, the real estate agent recognizes that seeing is believing. So he takes the client on tour of properties that meet his taste. The client sees what he wants, he falls in love with it, then he is forced to face the reality that his budget is not large enough to for this quality of apartment rentals.

The client requests to be shown some more homes for rent of that meet his taste. Again and again the real estate agent shows him more rental property that meet his taste but dwarf his budget.

Eventually, the client is forced to come to the realization that he can't afford the category of property he is searching for. So he tells the agent to search instead for something within his budget.

The real estate agent is happy that the client has finally come to his senses and then readily finds him something within his budget.

The real estate agent gets his commission after a long enduring apartment search with the client. And the client gets what he can pay for with the knowledge that he was not ripped off and that he got value for the real estate commission he paid the estate agent.

Apartment rentals using strategy 1 is adopted by real estate agents with a large number of clients. So, they do not waste time with clients without the right budget size.

Strategy 2 is adopted by smaller agents with fewer clients. So, when they get one client, they stick with the clint for months until the client finally settles for something.

My advice?

The house rentals process can be hectic and time consuming. So if you're a client searching for rental apartment or property for sale, ask for a straightforward advice from your Nigeria real estate agent as to what your budget can afford and in what locations. Then concentrate on getting value for your money in those locations within your budget.

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