Apartment Guide Nigeria - Free Tips For Securing Your Dream Home

Apartment guide Nigeria. This apartment guide provides free tips to help you get your dream apartment in Lagos Nigeria.

Hey, you can be a tenant and enjoy the home you live. You don't have to be a landlord before you enjoy the apartment you live. Yes, it's great to be a property owner. It's wonderful to live in your own apartment building built by yourself. Actually, it's a pleasure . . . a dream come true.

However, you can enjoy a rented apartment even better than some people living in the property they own if you make the right choices.

The purpose of this Lagos Nigeria apartment guide is to help you make the right choices and have fun living in your rented home.

For starters, when looking for an apartment for rent, take a second look at the principles of the Lagos Nigeria apartment guide below:

1. Decide exactly what you want. What features do you want in an apartment?

2. Decide exactly what you can afford. What's your maximum budget? If your maximum budget cannot afford what you want, then review what you want.

3. What location do you want? Ideally, it's better to live close to where you work. But if you can't afford it based on your current take-home pay, then it makes economic sense to live slightly further away from the area where you work.

4. Do not be in a hurry to pay for an apartment. View a number of apartments in your area of choice and compare. What is the best value for your budget? What can you reasonably expect to get for the amount you're willing to pay?

5. When you find an apartment or a number of apartments that look like what you might rent, take along your spouse or fiance to get a second opinion

6. Ask to meet the property owner or landlord. It's important to have a one on one session with the landlord and evaluate his kind of person. Is he/she the kind of person you can work with? Is he/she the kind of person you want to live in his/her property?

7. Let the landlord tell you how to pay for the apartment. Some real estate agents in Nigeria have been known to be dubious with rents paid by potential tenants. So, get payment instructions from the landlord

8. If you find something about an apartment you don't like, don't swallow it . . . don't let it pass. Once you have paid for an apartment, it's difficult to get your money back

Lagos Nigeria apartment guide, part 2: Here are a few things to look out for when you seek to rent a residential apartment in Nigeria.

1. Source of water - Does the apartment building have a well or borehole or do you have to fetch water from somewhere outside the building?

2. If the water source of the apartment building is a well, does it have a pump or do you have to fetch from it manually?

3. If the apartment you're letting is a story building, is there an overhead tank or do you have to fetch water downstairs and manually move it up?

4. Ventilation - Is the apartment properly ventilated? Does it have a good number of windows to allow for cross ventilation? Is the residential building choked within other residential buildings?

5. Does the house have a proper soakaway? A friend rented a flat apartment only to discover that the home owner did not provide soakaway for the kitchen sink.

Instead in made a small runway for the water from the kitchen and the bathroom that drains everything from these sources to the drainage on the road outside the house. This often led to the compound smelling from kitchen remains left hanging in the open drains within the property.

6. How many overhead tanks does the building have? A colleague rented a flat in an apartment building with four flats. Unfortunately, the building had just one overhead tank and this was not sufficient to serve the four flats. To make matters worse, the area hardly had electricity from the utilities company. And the landlord who lived in one of the four flats did not provide generator to pump water. End result? My colleague and other tenants were always short on water.

I hope this Lagos Nigeria apartment guide has been of some help. Depending on your likes and dislikes as well as your personal experience, you can come up with additional items in the list of watch-outs.

Bottom line.

Rent an apartment you love. Don't be pressured into paying for something you will regret later.

Be the boss!

It's your hard-earned money. Decide the landlord that deserves to get it.

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