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Affiliate Programs Lagos Nigeria - Increase Sales With Affiliate Marketing

by samson

Affiliate programs, by definition, are sales generating programs set up by companies who wish to promote their product or service offering through freelance marketing partners who receive a percentage of the product or service sale price as commission when they refer clients who pay for the product or service.

These freelance marketing partners are called affiliates. And this marketing method is called affiliate marketing.

What are the benefits of setting up an affiliate program? What is the big deal about affiliate marketing?

What makes this marketing method a MUST-execute method for companies seeking to grow their business?

In simple words . . . affiliate marketing is equivalent to getting FREE worldwide advertising for the products or service you sell. When companies set up affiliate programs to promote their products or services, they in effect recruit thousands of motivated (or self motivated) freelance marketers to promote their products and services in every city, every state, and every country where those affiliates live or do business.

For example, a company that deploys affiliate marketing successfully can recruit over 100,000 affiliates within a short period and get all these affiliates rallying round every nook and cranny promoting the company's products with their own money.

Yes, a company can get over 100,000 self-motivated and self driven small business people all over the country, and worldwide, promoting its products or services at no cost to the company.

This is amazing! This is FREE Advertising at the its best!

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing To The Company

A company who implements the basic tenets of affiliate programs and deploys affiliate marketing full-scale, will benefit immensely in terms of increased sales volume.

The key benefits of affiliate program marketing include:

1. Increased market penetration of the company's products as affiliates take the products to new markets and remote locations where company staff are afraid to go

2. Access to free advertising as affiliates are not paid unless they make sales. And the amount they are paid is a percentage of the product sale price. The company retains its margins even after paying affiliates as the affiliate commission is already built into the sale price.

3. The company saves huge amounts in medical bills and employee benefits despite huge increase in its sales force because affiliates finance their sales promotion efforts themselves. They receive nothing from the company in form of medical allowances or other regular employee benefits.

Affiliates actually lose the amount spent promoting the company's products if they make zero sales or not enough sales to generate enough commission to cover their costs.

4. The company increases it sales volume dramatically as affiliates criss cross the entire country looking for customers for the company's products

Benefits of Affiliate Programs To Affiliates

Affiliate programs also benefit small business people and individuals who become affiliates. The benefits include:

1. Freedom to work at one's pace and time.

The affiliate plans his sales route, his marketing strategy, and the time he wishes to dedicate to his business. He gets paid for his sales volume not for how many hours he sits across a desk. Therefore he is an independent market, his own boss.

2. A bigger share of the commission

The affiliate involved in affiliate marketing is not paid a salary. He is paid a share of the commission. And that commission can be as high as 30-50 percent of the products sale price. This means he has potential to earn far more than a manager in a company who is over-worked, stressed, and often emotionally battered.

3. Low start up capital

Most affiliate programs are free to join. And those that require the affiliate to pay a registration fee or buy a 'start-up kit'
usually have low start up cost.

This means that it is easy to join affiliate programs. Often all that is required is your desire to promote the company's products.

4. The exit cost is low

Affiliates can quit at any time. And since their investment in the company is pretty low, the exit cost is therefore low.

This is very different from the case of a business person who spends a lot of money setting up the business. Therefore it is often more painful for a business owner to shutdown his business for an affiliate to quit an affiliate program he is no longer interested in.

From the above, it is obvious that affiliate programs are beneficial to both the affiliate marketing company and her affiliates.

Unfortunately, the majority of companies in Lagos Nigeria, and indeed, all over Nigeria do not want to invest in affiliate programs. They still depend on the old-school marketing techniques they were taught by white-bearded professors who have never had hands-on selling experience . . . old-school lecturers who have failed to move with the times.

Are you a company based in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in Nigeria? Are you still stuck with the old mentality of keeping all the profits for yourself?

If you are, your will sit by and wash the smarter folks over-run you company.

Want to grow your company's sales force and sales volume with minimal increase in employee costs?

Adopt affiliate marketing.

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