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About The Author - Samson Itoje, Lagos Nigeria Real Estate Advisor

samson itoje lagos nigeria real estate advisor

The author of this premium Lagos Nigeria real estate investing web site is Samson Itoje.

Samson Itoje is a real estate investor with focus on Lagos Nigeria real estate as well as real estate in surrounding states like Ogun state Nigeria.

Samson Itoje is the CEO of Erimama Investment Company Ltd . . . a real estate investing company based in Lagos Nigeria.

Samson is also a prolific writer, author of several books, web site builder, author of several knowledge-based web sites and a loving family man.

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Why This Web Site?

Samson Itoje is passionate about real estate investing.

Samson understands the beauty and freedom of building your own house because he is also a landlord (or property owner) in Lagos Nigeria.

The truth is . . .

Moving into your own house is liberating. There is this deep-seated feeling of freedom that overtakes you when you buy your first house.

Samson wants to help as many people as possible experience that exhilarating feeling of becoming a landlord.

That is why he built this Lagos Nigeria real estate web site to provide an easily accesible platform for people to obtain Lagos real estate investment information and become property owners sooner.

That is how Erimama Investment Company Ltd was born.

Thinking of buying or building a house?

Want to buy a portable cabin?

Want to build a prefab house?

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How I Built This Web Site

People often ask Samson, "How did you build this web site?"

The answer is simple.

Samson built this web site using a software called Site Build It! (SBI!). It is an easy to use software that makes building a web site simple.

Everything about it is copy and paste. No need to study any computer programming language. You don't have to know anything about the internet to use this software. It provides all the tools plus the education you need to build a profitable web site.

If you're interested in building your own web site to promote your business and attract more customers to you business, take a moment to learn more about Site Build It (SBI).

Helping People Succeed Is My Goal!

Samson's goal is to help people make the most of their financial resources and build a home . . . their dream home.

It's wonderful to live in a big rented apartment especially if your company is payng for it. It's great to have a beautiful car . . . a car that matches your class, position, and status.

But please remember that cars depreciate with age, no matter how beautiful they look when you first buy them. And with the bad roads in Lagos Nigeria, the depreciation in value occurs even faster.

So, whatever it is you do, please build your own home.

A house appreciates in value, year in year out. Real estate investing is something you will never regret.

This web site teaches you how to invest in Lagos Nigeria real estate for maximum profitability. So, explore and enjoy.

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