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Real Estate Guide, Issue #012 -- Real Estate Instalmental Payment
December 27, 2008

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1. Real Estate Instalmental Payment - Buy Now Pay Later

2. How To Attain Finan-cial Fre.edom - Fre.e Ebook

3. Do Me A favor: Refer A Friend

1. Real Estate Instalmental Payment - Buy Now Pay Later


I want to introduce to you a stress-fre.e way to buy property in lagos Nigeria. I call it the "buy now pay later" system. What does that mean?

It means you choose a property, make an initial payment, then pay the balance over a period of time. By allowing you to spread payment of a number of months or years, the impact on your finances is minimal.

This means you actually buy the property without skinning yourself. Actually, before you know it, you're done with the payment and you're a landlord!

Great. So, what options are available?

I am offering to you an opportunity to own property in three locations and pay instalmentally. The three locations are:

1. Crystal Park Phase 2

2. Sherry View Garden and

3. Adiva Plainfields

Crystal estate Phase 2 and Sherry View Garden are located at Mowe-Ofada Ogun state while Adiva Plainfields is located along lekki Epe expressway.

Here are the payment options:

1. Crystal Park Phase 2

Offer: land purchase

Location: Mowe Ofada Ogun state

Price: =N=600,000

Instalmental payment amount: =N=30,000 per month for 20 months

Outright purchase price: =N=550,000

2. Sherry View Garden

Location: Mowe Ofada Ogun State

Offer: land purchase

Price: =N=800,000

Instalmental payment amount: =N=34,000 per month for 24 months

3. Adiva Plainfields

Offer: land purchase & buildings in different categories

Location: lekki-Epe Expressway

Price: =N=4.7 million - 36.7 million depending on the type of apartment

Serviced plots are also available:

Price for serviced plots: 6.8 million

Instalmental payment option:

1st Instalment - 10% payable on indication of interest

2nd Instalment - 20% payable within 6 months of 1st instalment

3rd Instalment - 30% payable within 6 months of 2nd instalment

4th Instalment - 40% payable on completion

There you have it . . . your opportunity to own a property even if your finances does not permit you to make a large one-time payment for outright purchase.

The solution is simple . . . pay instalmentally using the options above.

2. How To Attain Finan-cial Fre.edom

Financial Fre.edom is what we all seek. The reason is simple enough. We all want more mon.ey.

I wrote a complete ebook that explains how you can achieve your dreams.

The ebook sells for $47 dollars but I'm giving it to you without charge if you do something for me.

What's that?

I want you to help me out with a small project I'm currently working on.

The project is pretty simple: I want to build the largest database of leadership and management terms online.

I call this online management reference manual . . . LEADMANIA - The online leadership management dictionary.

All you need to do is post a definition of any management term or leadership term you're familiar with. And I will give you a fre.e copy of the ebook.

See details at . . .

This ebook will change your life. Trust me.

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