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Real Estate Guide, Issue #008 -- Lagos Property Demolition - Will Your House Survive It?
November 25, 2008

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1. Lagos Property Demolition - Will Your House Survive It?

2. Procedure for obtaining C of O

3. Agel Distributorship Program

1. Lagos Property Demolition - Will Your House Survive It?


Lagos State government started mass demolition of properties built on government land some months back. Now it has reached a climax. The demolition exercise is heating up.

For example, the Lagos State government caterpillars visited residents of the Ishefun Ayobo community on Thursday November 6 2008 to execute a demolition order supposed signed by the Lagos state governor.

The demolition exercise lasted 7 days. Those 7 days was perhaps the blackest days in the entire community. There was a flood of tears as people watched the caterpillars pull down their houses.

The pain and agony that filled the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. People watched in tears as the caterpillars pulled down their life savings.

Some of this people are retirees who have nowhere to go and nothing to fall back on. They put their entire life savings into building a small house to cater for their family needs. But in less than an hour, that house was snatched away from them without mercy.

The scene would move your heart . . . even if you have a heart of stone.

Unfortunately, it didn't touch the demolition team. They executed their assignment judicious - pulling down the affected buildings completely.

There is news that similar demolition exercises are billed for different parts of Lagos state where residents have encroached on government land.

The next natural question is: will your house survive the demolition exercise in Lagos state?

It will if you have done due diligence before purchasing the property.

What is due diligence?

It means that you should verify the status of any land you wish to buy with the Lagos state land bureau before you buy. The verification exercise will tell you for sure if the land you wish to buy is within government acquired land or not.

Any mistake in this regard can be very expensive.

For example, a young man in the UK preparing for his wedding, hurriedly completed work in his building comprising of a block of 4 nos. 3 bedroom flat at Ayobo. The building was exquisitely and tastefully finished . . . a beauty to behold.

That building was brought down by the raging caterpillars. That is over 20 million Naira down the drain. Add to that the emotional turmoil that accompanies it and you will realize how expensive a mistake it can be.

What is the way out?

Simple. Verify the status of any land before you buy.

Secondly, start processing your papers to get a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) from the Lagos state government as soon as you buy any land. A C of O is a legal document from the state government that confers ownership of the land on you.

Irrespective of the magnificence of the house you build, it will be brought down someday by government caterpillars if you buy the wrong land.

Be wise!

2. Procedure For Obtaining C of O

What is the procedure for obtaining C of O in Lagos?

I get asked that question often. So, I got all the details together for you.

Down-load the C of O procedure for Lagos state at . . .

Contact us at . . .

. . . if you want us to help verify the status of your land.

3. Agel Distributorship Program

Agel is a company with innovative nutrition products present in 41 countries.

The company has a strong management team and a compensation plan that will make your mouth water.

The company is currently calling for distributors. Fortunately, the terms for being accepted into the distributorship program is pretty easy to achieve.

The good part is . . . you stand a chance to make up to =N=1 million per month . . . every month.

Even better, there is a promo currently going on that offer distributors a chance to w.i.n Toyota Camry 2009 model. The promo ends February 2008. So, hurry!

A wrote a page about it at . . .

Fill the form at the bottom of the page to do.wn-load the ebook that explains the business model and how you can maximize your returns.

Best Regards,

Samson Itoje,
Chairman Zy Properties
42 Olowu Street Ikeja (3rd Floor) 08057912607, 07086459367

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