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Real Estate Guide, Issue #008 -- A Break From Real Estate
October 01, 2008

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1. A Break From Real Estate

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A Break From Real Estate


In September I took a deserved break from real estate to do something for my country men.

What is more pressing than making money . . . especially in the real estate sector?

I will tell you. It is called community service.

Here's what I discovered.

Millions of people in Nigeria have potentials. Some have great business ideas but do not have the capital to convert those ideas to actual businesses. Some others have turned their ideas into businesses, even launching a product or service that they sell through an outlet.

Unfortunately, they're are not making money. Or more correctly, they are not making enough sales to cover their operating costs and make a sizeable profit.

In internet terminology . . . they don't have enough TRAFFIC.

Traffic = No of potential customers you get to your business

Great traffic = Great sales = Great profit = Happy businessman

How do business people get the all-important traffic necessary to grow their business?

There are two ways:

1. Advertise on TV, radio, the internet, or some other offline media

2. Build a popular web site indexed and highly rated by search engines like Google and Yahoo and they will send you free traffic

Many small business start-ups don't have the capital or know-how to execute either of the options mentioned above.

Fortunately, I have successfully implemented option 2 above. My real estate web site gets over 250 unique visitors per day. That is, over 7500 visitors per month.

These visitors come for different reasons.

Some want to buy, let, or sell properties. Some want to open a bank account. Still others want to learn more about Nigeria . . . the country about which they know so little.

7500 visitors!

Now, this is something. And the web site is still young and still growing.

This is what I have decided to do. I have decided to share some of these visitors with other small businesses who have a hard time getting clients to their business.

For example, clients who want to rent a shortlet for say 10 days may also need a car hire service or a nanny service or legal service or . . . just name it.

I have kept the doors wide open so other businesses in Nigeria can advertise on my web site free of charge.


In September I launched the "Nigeria Business Directory".

You can post your business profile and pictures of your product in this directory. You will also post your business address, phone numbers, and any information that can help you win the hearts and pockets of potential customers.

The cost?

It's FREE. Yes, FREE!

The directory is at . . .

There's more.

I have also launched a Nigeria forum where you can discuss anything related to Nigeria. The forum also features opportunities to advertise yourself or your skills if you don't already have an established business.

For example, there is an applicant directory where you can post your resume so employers can find you online. There is also a 'Models Directory' where you can post your profile so model scouts can find you and engage your services without the necessity of a middle man.

Now, that is community service!

The Nigeria Forum is at . . .

I wish you the best as you seek to expand your business or market your skills and maximise your potential.

Properties For sale

Lekki 1. 3 Acres @ Maiyegun - N200m

Northern Foreshore 2. 4 Bedroom duplex + B/Q - N65m

Gbagada 3. 2 Wings of 4 Bedroom duplex + B/Q - N65m 4. 2 Wings of 4 Bedroom duplex - N40m 5. 5 Bedroom D/H + 2 Bedroom B/Q - N40m 6. 1200sqm plot - N80m

Yaba 7. 3 Bedroom Terrace duplex (New) - N30m

Ikosi GRA 8. 4 Bedroom D/H + B/Q (Vacant) - N70m 9. 700sqm Prime plot - N25m

Surulere 10. 2 Wing of 3 Bedroom duplex + B/Q & lock-up 11. Garage on Adelabu Street - N80m

12. A building comprising of 5 bedroom duplex in front and 2 units of 3 bedroom flat behind near Amje bus stop Lagos Abeokuta expressway Lagos

Price: 16 million

13. A plot of land near Amje bus stop Lagos Abeokuta expressway Lagos

Price: 2.5 million

Properties For Let

1. 4 Bedroom duplex + B/Q - N1.7m (P.A)

Ogudu GRA 2. 2 Bedroom flat - N550k (P.A)

Marina 3. Office space of 53sqm on 3rd floor @ 7/9, Abibu Oki Street, Marina - N12000 per sqm

4. 2 bedroom furnished shortlet at VI

price: =N=50,000 per day

5. 1 bedroom furnished shortlet at VI

price: =N=17,000 per day

New Articles

A Look At The Lagos Business School

The Igbo Forum

Nigeria Culture

Best regards,

samson itoje
chairman zyproperties
08033290430, 08057912607
42 Olowu Street, Ikeja.
(3rd Floor)
Lagos Nigeria

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