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Real Estate Guide, Issue #007 -- It Is Not Too Late To Invest
July 28, 2008

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It's Not Too Late To Invest


Obviously, you wish you had invested in real estate some ten years back. If you did, by now you would have been one of the millions of Lagosians benefiting from the current hike in Lagos property prices.

For example, a plot of land in OPIC estate on Lagos Ibadan Expressway, near Berger, was at one time sold for as low as 900,000 Naira per plot. A good number of people bought at that time.

However, some were skeptical. How fast will the estate be completed? Is the location really worth 900,000 Naira?

Some procrastinated while others spent the whole time asking questions and more questions. They saw a thousand reason why they shouldn't buy now. They opted to see what would happen and how far prices would go.

What's the price of that land today?

Some four years back it was still as low as 950,000 Naira per plot. But today, it goes as high as 5 million Naira per plot.


Well, that's real estate for you. If you invest smart, you will reap unprecedented increase in profit.

If only you had invested then!

Unfortunately, you didn't. You're late.

Yes, you're late. A lot of people have invested in real estate years before you. And they're still investing.

But wait. Are you too late?

Certainly not.

New opportunities keep presenting themselves.

For example, a large number of estates are springing up in the Mowe-Ofada area because of the urgent need for more houses for the ever increasing population of Lagos. And with Lagos steadily moving towards attaining the mega city status, there's likely to be a population explosion . . . and real estate explosion too.

Are you taking advantage of these opportunities?

Some are still procrastinating. Some have heard of the increasing number of new estates springing up in the Mowe-Ofada area but are not inclined to go that route because of the problem of traffic congestion on the Lagos Ibadan expressway.

Hey, don't be short-sighted. It's good to consider the traffic situation but don't take that too far. Why?

Simply put . . . the government is already developing a link road that will connect these areas to Ojodu Berger. This will eliminate the need to take the expressway.

Mowe-Ofada developments are just one area. There are other opportunities in the Nigeria real estate market. Take advantage of the opportunities, invest wisely.

Properties For sale

1. A plot of land for sale at opebi link road oregun

Price: 14 million

2. A building comprising of 5 bedroom duplex in front and 2 units of 3 bedroom flat behind near Amje bus stop Lagos Abeokuta expressway Lagos

Price: 18 million

3. A detached house off college road ogba

Price: 15 million

4. A plot of land near Amje bus stop Lagos Abeokuta expressway Lagos

Price: 3 million

5. A plot of land at Opic estate lagos Ibadan expressway Lagos

Price: 5 million

Best regards,

samson itoje
chairman zyproperties
08033290430, 08057912607
42 Olowu Street, Ikeja.
(3rd Floor)
Lagos Nigeria

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