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Real Estate Guide, Issue #004 -- Vacation Rentals
April 09, 2007
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1. Vacation Rentals

2. Nigeria Escorts - Making Life Easier

3. Share - Put A Smile On Someone's Face

1. Vacation Rentals


It's a pleasure to be able to reach you again with latest real estate news.

What's hot?

Serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments otherwise called vacation rentals are making waves. More and more property owners are offering a handful of their property as vacation rentals or serviced apartment.

Some serviced apartments are short lets (you can stay a few weeks or a few days) while others are 'long lets' (you pay for a year or two).

Long lets are usually cheaper than short lets in the long run. And these are good for expatriates on contract for a reasonable length of time in Lagos.

For the majority of us who pop in and pop out, short lets is a useful alternative to hotel stay.

See list of serviced apartments or vacation rentals at . . .

Make your pick according to your budget.

2. Nigeria Escorts - Making Life Easier

I just launched a Nigeria escort service.

Why escorts?

Simple. Escorts make life easier for visitors to Nigeria and in particular any state in Nigeria.

What do our escorts do?

1. They help you settle down to your accommodation faster

2. They help tourists get around with minimum difficulty

3. They are good companions for social occasions if you need some

4. They are people you delegate tasks to so your life can be so much easier

Why load yourself with work when you can always pay someone to do it for you?

Rock bottom truth.

My Nigeria escorts will make your life so much easier. Your blood pressure is sure to drop to normal levels.

See details at . . .

3. Share - Put A Smile On Someone's Face

The very reason I created is to help people find the home of their dreams.

Have you found this site useful?

Please share it with friends and family. Put a smile on someone's face today.

See details at . . .

Happy investing.


Samson Itoje
Chairman, ZyProperties
62, New Ipaja Road,
Iyana Ipaja,
Lagos Nigeria.


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