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Lagos Nigeria real estate investment opportunity:

My name is Samson Itoje, CEO Erimama Investment company Limited Lagos.

I am a Lagos real estate agent who help people buy their dream Lagos property.

I created this Lagos property web site to help forward-thinking people like YOU become home owners in Lagos.

Nigeria Real Estate Investing 101

I want to help you buy house or land for sale in Lagos so you can become a landlord in Lagos, just like me.

I am a property owner in Lagos and I can tell you for free that there is nothing as exciting and fulfilling as living in your own house.

When you're a landlord in Lagos Nigeria, you experience a deep sense of satisfaction and inner fulfillment that you cannot get from owning a car or anything else money can buy.

Therefore, becoming a home owner in Lagos should be the strategic goal you work and strive for.

In summary, buying or building your own house have the following key benefits:

  • It frees you from the insults of nasty landlords
  • You have total peace when you live in your own house
  • You can earn extra income from your house when you build a house with multiple apartments (e.g. A block of 4 flats) and
  • Having several houses will help you grow your net worth and retire rich because the value of your house will grow steadily over time

So, whatever you do, make sure you invest in Lagos Nigeria real estate.

Buy land for sale in Lagos and build your own house. Or buy an already built property in Lagos.

Why Buy Land or House In Lagos?

You may wonder, "why should I buy land or house in Lagos? Why not in my village?

There are two key reasons why it makes financial sense to buy land or house in Lagos Nigeria.

First, Lagos is peaceful. There are no militants in Lagos.

Guess what.

Buy Lagos Property

Where there is peace, there is prosperity . . . there is investment security.

This means that when you in Lagos Nigeria real estate, the security of your investment is guaranteed.

Second, when you invest in Lagos property, you're investing in a busy commercial city.

You see, people are continuously trooping to Lagos Nigeria in search of a better life.

At one time the population of Lagos was 9 million people. Then it grew to 15 million people. And now the population is estimated at over 22 million people.

More and more people trooping to Lagos means continuous increase in demand for houses. Increased demand translate to increased property price.

Bottom line.

The price of land for sale in Lagos (and houses for sale in Lagos) are constantly rising.

Therefore, if you buy Lagos property, the value of your property will rise year after year.

Real estate Lagos Nigeria. Solid advice for investing in Lagos Nigeria.

For example, land at one of our estate sold for 1.4 million Naira per plot a year ago. Today, just one year after, land in that same estate is selling for 2 million Naira. That is a price growth of about 42% in just one year.

42% return on investment in just one year. That is huge!

Want to see a price growth of 25 to 40 percent in your real estate investment year on year?

Then you should buy land for sale in Lagos (or houses for sale in Lagos).

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Become A Landlord In Lagos

Become A Landlord In Lagos

Tired of being insulted by nasty landlords in Lagos?

Take ACTION. Buy land. Build your own house. Or buy a house.

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